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Here are some examples from those I have worked with about how leadership & careers coaching has worked for them

Growing Confidence

"The time I spent with my leadership coach Michelle was invaluable. Not only did it provide me with the skills to become a better leader, it also gave me confidence in my abilities, which meant that I could have those tricky conversations I'd been putting off having.

I now feel empowered to take on more responsibility and tackle the challenges that come my way. I feel much more in control of my career"

Career Progression

“Michelle is a professional and very experienced leadership coach. I worked with her over six sessions, and she has helped me immensely. Not only has she helped me to develop my leadership skills, but she has also helped me to progress in my career. She created a safe and confidential environment where I could talk through my concerns openly and without judgement. She used her experience and some brilliant tools to help me create a very specific action-oriented plan to make the changes I needed to enable my career to progress.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for help with their leadership or career development.”

Negotiating for yourself

“I was sceptical at first about the impact coaching could have, but it has had a massive impact for me, not only on my progression but also on how I feel about work. I've been promoted to the SLT and I have influence to bring about change and support others in their development too.

With Michelle's help, I negotiated a great package for myself and I'm already looking at my next career step. ”

Building a high performing team

‘Having found myself in a role that was completely new to me, I wanted to use this coaching to drive a change in the way I work. I often faced difficulty in empowering team members, delegating tasks and building a high performing team.


Michelle made excellent use of real-world knowledge and experience to support the resolution of issues I was seeing daily. This course gave me the confidence to approach tough discussions with self-assurance establishing a far more positive outcome than I had seen previously. Following up each session with relevant and insightful Ted Talks also helped re-iterate the importance of making sure the changes made are permanent and considered.


I will take with me the guidance provided throughout the programme ensuring I also share my learning with colleagues, friends, and family to also benefit from this experience.’

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

"I started my coaching journey with Michelle to try and combat some imposter syndrome I was feeling about a project I was working on. Little did I know what a powerful, life-changing experience coaching would end up being! Working with Michelle gave me the freedom and unbiased support to truly dig deep into some of the root causes of why I felt I had imposter syndrome. By the end of the six sessions I had uncovered so much more about myself in a positive, safe space that was both challenging and encouraging.

I now have confidence I never thought I’d have and cannot believe how quickly I have reaped the rewards.

My advice to anyone thinking of having some coaching sessions - 100% go for it - your future self will thank you for it!"

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